Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DAR Baltimore Quilt Exhibit Dates

     Good news for BAQ lovers! I just got off the phone with the museum person at the DAR and got the following clarification concerning their current Baltimore Album Quilts on display which I covered in my previous post. Here's what I was told: The Sampler exhibit (located in front of the current Quilt exhibit) is ending this Friday, so on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2012 and through the following 30 days, the Quilt exhibit will be inaccessible while the museum works on a new special exhibit to replace the Samplers. When the museum hall reopens in October, the current Quilts will continue to be on display until October 2013. Phew! You've got plenty of time now to plan a visit!

     While you're in the area, why not visit nearby Georgetown. The shopping is diverse and upscale. Maybe plan lunch at J.Paul's dining saloon. Enjoy open front dining so you can catch the breeze and a view. Fresh pretzels are served with mustard when you're seated. Mmmmm. The tilapia with a side of cucumber salad is divine. Or, maybe you'd like their lobster quesadillas! Delicious and value priced.

    Me: Back to cutting fabric kits...

Cheers, Jeanne

c/ 2012 Jeanne Sullivan


  1. That is good news on the DAR quilts. I've been to see them three times but will keep going back as much as I can. I am going to squeeze in a day at their library, too.

  2. The quilts are truly amazing. You're smart...they beg for repeat visits! The library is breathtaking. You won't be disappointed. Their collection is expansive. Be sure to visit the upper level to enjoy the view from that perspective, too.